• Joanna Seldon

  • Adar

    Rosh Hodesh Adar – and you chose to die

    On a day of bright sunlight when, as I

    Turned the corner to where you lived, I saw

    Snowdrops now jostled by slim crocuses


    And daffodils.  I rang the bell.  Birds sang –

    Your spring choir, choir of quittance.  But inside

    I found you did not seem to recognise

    Our voices.  You had set off already.


                Waiting to be


                You lay in sun,



                No longer.  Breaths

                    Came slow.

                We waited for

                    The next –


                Which came.  A gap.

                    A breath.

                A greater gap.

                    And then


                That last breath drawn,


                We found it was

                    The last.


    What is death but another birth?  A shift

    Back to that unknown place we came from once.

    You have taught me now how to fear it less.

    Next it will be our turn; for now, we learn.


                Funeral done,

                    We drive

                Under a clip

                    Of moon.


                An inverted

                    Snowdrop –

                It punches back

                    The dark.


                When it is a


                It will be your



                Now it blazons

                    Out the

                Re-birth of spring.

                    Life!  Life!


    Rosh Hodesh is the New Moon. Adar is the month in the (lunar) Hebrew calendar which signifies the start of spring.

    February 2016