• Joanna Seldon

  • Links in the Bracelet: for Mum

    The surname has changed,

    But the name you gave me

    And the day I was given to you

          Remain the same.

    This flimsy band on my wrist

    So much larger than that first one,

    The years so many in-between.

          This bracelet


    Is a link between us, marking

    A memory of that moment when

    I moved outside you to enter your life.

            And the name

    With the same initial letter that we share

    Makes yet another link.

    And so I carry on this spool,

            This bracelet.


    I added a link and looked down at

    Another tiny name band,

    One with the same initial letter

            As yours and mine.


    So the generations stretch on together,

    Clasped in these bands of names

    And in these bracelets of love

            Which move on

              Always forward

               Down the years.                                    Royal Marsden Hospital, February 2012