• Joanna Seldon

  • Renewal

    I wrote this short poem during a stay in hospital .I woke up one morning to find that the scaffolding blocking out the window had been removed. Time in hospital can have its good moments.


    Early morning – and I heard

    The men shout, and the clanging

    Crash of lopped



    Now, as I open

    Curtains and blinds, I see

    Light before it is mine,

    And the day comes


    Bursting in

    With a view.

    A view!


    Redbrick buildings

    Trimmed with white,

    Church spire a rocket

    To heaven, trees awaiting

    Spring splatter of leaves,

    The tops of Fulham Road buses

    And the first sky

    For five days


    The world is still there.


    I switch on my iPod to find

    This day starting

    With my song.

    So I partner my drip machine

    And dance


    The Flying Pickets.