• Joanna Seldon

  • Matrilineal

    for Mum


    You have never swerved

    From your line of most resistance.  Resist



    Drugs that lure you back

    Into a life you

    No longer desire.


    You do not resist

    Lines you still must write –

    Calling out at night,

    Dictating from sleep

    Those final letters

    Of friendship and love.


    What a gift for us –

    Your words – spoken with

    A smile, still bright-eyed:

    ‘I have been so lucky.’


    Since then, smile and eyes

    Have faded, but still

    You are majestic

    As you sail into

    Whatever happens:

    You know we don’t know.

    Courageously, you

    Face it, yearn for it.

    You are showing us

    The way.  I thank you.


                          February 2016