• Joanna Seldon

  • What to Predict?

    My phone keypad knows my life –

    Knows it too well, and there again perhaps

    Not quite well enough.  It makes mistakes.


    Who is on what?  Anthony on the radio

    While I’m on radiotherapy?  Why not

    Reverse the guess?  Do I want it to


    Default to Interferon rather than interesting?

    I admire the jump from carcinoid to

    Crisis – although that sequence terrifies.


    It knows that Adam’s goes with

    Graduation.  It knows that York must

    Follow.  But no – I don’t want it


    To take me to hospital.  I’ll fight back.

    Let’s call it my Chelsea hotel.

    Remember, phone.  Chelsea HOTEL.  


    Written at The Royal Marsden Hospital, Chelsea