• Joanna Seldon

  • The Bee and the Snowdrop

    (with a bow to Robert Frost)


    Mild February days:

    Spring sidles up to us,

    Impatient impresario.

    In the roadside lane the snowdrop bows

    To passers by, her multi-visored cap

    Demure, screening her virgin secrets.


    Here’s one who would explore –



    That hidden chamber.

    With clever limbs he clings

    To her stem, and his dangerous fluff

    Beckons in soft, striped splendour.


    Invasive bumble bee,

    As insistent as this spring day

    Where you’re a stranger;

    You look so fatly misplaced there

    On that delicate green stalk,

    An anachronism that strayed,

    Bold, premature, into February

    Whose frosts may still you – suddenly -

    Advanced so far from summer.


    On the other side of the world

    The polar icecaps melt.

    Still the bumble bee holds fast

    To this white maiden of spring.                                     February 1998