• Joanna Seldon

  • We Know the Light is There

    Candles in daylight – 
    Why do we love you?
       Flames scarcely visible,
       A shuddering star
       That might next moment
          Die: we cannot
    When we let the match
    Linger long as it kisses
       The lonely wick,
    Until suddenly, silently
       A flame is alive
          And dancing,

    We celebrate – that birth,
    The simple fact we’re here,
       Sharing time together –
          An English June; sun
       Casting the window shape
          Onto the carpet

    Candle’s white flame.
    But we made our quiet point,
    Didn’t we?  No need to wait for
    Darkness, death’s-head darkness
       Before we create the light.
          Our daytime candle

       Is light always,
       Life always,
       Our consecration
    Invisible, shivering
       On that lonely wick